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NEEWER is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of NEEWER can sell under NEEWER listings.

Max work voltage: 4.5V
Max work current: 55mA
Dimension: 85mm?38mm?2.6mm
It can power 3.6V DC storage battery

Package Contents:
4.5V 55mA Solar Panel Solar Power Battery Solar Charge Led Light 10 pcs

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Cleantech Open 2013

10X13 Episode 1: Dan Probst of JLL on “Buildings with a Brain”

Questions and Answers

Headlight lens cleaner?

Posted by cowboy
cadminUse 3M glass cleaner, It doesn’t streak, then use some RAINX on them and they will stay allot cleaner!!! AUTO TECH 22 YEARS.

Meguiar’s Cleaner Wax or Tech-Wax?I’m detailing my car this weekend and bought Meguiar’s smooth surface clay kit to try for the first time. I didn’t realize that it came with their cleaner wax, so I bought some Meguiar’s Tech-Wax seperately. I’m confused about whether or not I have to use the cleaner wax afterwards in order to finish the cleaning process properly, or if I can just use the Tech-Wax instead. From what I’ve read, it sounds like the Tech-Wax offers better protection, but I’m wondering if the cleaning properties of the cleaner wax are a necessary ingredient to getting the proper results from the clay kit. I’m also not sure whether or not I SHOULD use the cleaner wax since it apparently has abrasives, and some say to only use that for older neglected cars, while others say to use it as general maintanence. My car is 3 years old and has previously been waxed approximately once a year, if that helps (I know it needs it more often, that’s what I’m trying to do here).

Posted by devouring_wind
cadminCongrats on actually taking care of your car, since most people dont

but, on which wax to use, that totally depends

cleaner wax is a paint cleaner/polish/wax all in one
it has abrasives in it, but theyre very very light, and if anything, help your finish, it wont cause further damage to it.

Tech wax, is basically just a paint sealant

your car most likely has swirl marks in it, pretty much every car does, even brand new ones from teh dealership, so the cleaner wax will help. You might even need a stronger paint cleaner, like SwirlX

a lot of people on their daily driver cars use the cleaner wax, then they top it off with the tech wax, so you can do that also

1. Wash
2. Clay
3. Cleaner wax
4. Tech wax

and with the clay, you can also do your windows with it, and rims, just do paint first.
And you really only need half a clay bar for a car.

What is tech n9nes cleanest song?Help!! I might go to a concert with my friend. The only way I can go is if my mom approves of the song. So I need a clean song! Plz help!!:)

Posted by ?
cadminHe may not rap this song but its still a clean song which is Tech N9ne- Caribou Lou but you can always use that your mom wont no.. Also theres Tech N9ne-He’s A Mental Giant, Tech N9ne-Strangeland, Tech N9ne-Promiseland, Tech N9ne- If I Could ,,show them and you will be fine.

US renewables sector at a crossroads while Asia closes the gap in industry … – The FINANCIAL

US renewables sector at a crossroads while Asia closes the gap in industry …The FINANCIAL“Institutional investment, public market vehicles, corporate capital and crowdfunding are all gaining popularity and creating opportunities in the US for domestic and foreign investors,” said Ben Warren, EY’s Global Cleantech Transactions Leader …and more »

The GREEN MARKET ORACLE: 2013 Cleantech Open Cleanie and National ...

What is Clean Technology

Clean Tech Open “Commercial Building Initiative”

Questions and Answers

How can manufacturing industries employ cleaner technology mechanisms to improve their production?

Posted by phil’mone
cadminCleaner production options can reduce the material-, energy-, and/or water consumption per unit of product produced, and hence savings are made on the costs of these natural resources. Moreover amount and pollutant load of the various process waste streams (including solid waste, wastewater, air emissions) is reduced, and hence expenditures for treatment and disposal of waste and emissions are reduced. Most often the efficiency of production processes is increased as well, resulting in higher levels of production output, or improvement of the product quality.

Improved process control is also related to improved production management, technology modification and equipment improvement or improving skills of the operators. Process optimisation can be described as the modification of the production equipment and utilities in order to run the process under more optimal conditions, for example through the addition of measuring and control equipment. Optimisation of the installation by means of improved process control can lead to higher production figures and/or product quality and subsequently to higher revenues.

Cornucopians…why hasn’t technology cleaned up the pollution in China?Isn’t technology supposed to be the answer, as opposed to accountability and environmentalism?

What’s taking you guys so long?
@Sagebrush – Thank you for the in depth, well thought out answer. You are a Top Contributor? If you think that corporations left the US because of pollution, you’ve been swallowing too much of the kool aid. Thank YOU for being yet another mindless drone on Yahoo ! Answers.

Posted by Intergalactic KelleeBundee
cadminCapitalism is about to kick in.
They’ve already realized production goes down and costs go up when their workers can’t see their nimble little fingers through their burning watery eyes.
China inherited the US pollution of the 60′s and 70′s.
They’ll probably clean things up the same way we did but by outsourcing Walmart production to third world Africa…..

Which the cleanest diesel technology?Diesel cars are still noisy and give out a strange bad smell through exhaust.
In my observation CRDI is the most silent and clean. Is this true?

My reasons,
Fords have the noisiest high smoke releasing diesels here
Suzukis are less silent but have suffocating exhaust smell
Hyundai CRDIs are silent,very less vibrating,and clean.

Have better technology for cars popular?

Posted by Xperiaz X
cadminBMW x series, I own an x5 it's beautiful.

Suzlon secures 100.8MW order from ReNew Wind Power – CleanTechnology News, Industry Analysis, Market Research Reports – Clean Technology Business Review

Suzlon secures 100.8MW order from ReNew Wind PowerCleanTechnology News, Industry Analysis, Market Research Reports – Clean Technology Business ReviewReNew Power has more than 450 MWs of installed and operational clean energy capacity in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Gujarat. ReNew Wind Power chairman & CEO Sumant Sinha said the agreement reinforces the …and more »

Clean-Tech Companies Are Overlooking Risks | Risk Management

Wind Power


Photovoltaic Solar Panel Installation


Energy Conservation by Human Exercise Alternative Power Generation


Affordable Biodiesel Kits


Biofuels: Beyond the Headlines

Questions and Answers

How can we make bio_diesel of cooking oil?

Posted by ritn
cadminI saw a kit for making your own in a mag called “Mother Earth News”. It was their Summer 2006 issue “Guide to Affordable and Sustainable Homes”. It is called the Fuelmeister from Biodiesel Soltions. Hope that helps:)

Do I need to do anything to my 1997 VW Jetta TDI to use bio-diesel fuel?Have finally found a station that pumps biodiesel fuel for the public in my area of Maine. We are going to buy a 1997 Jetta TDI that already runs on diesel and would really like to convert it to biodiesel. We’ve asked many people and done a ton of research but cant seem to find a consitant or even reasonable answer. So maybe you can help.
How would we go about converting our car? Do we need to do anything at all? I’ve gotten so many answers from just changing a rubber gasket occasionally to installing a convertion kit. I even got one mechanic that said it would require a complete overhaul of the engine. Biodiesel is something I’ve been wanting to do with my vehicle for a long time and now that I have FINALLY found an affordable car in my area that has the possiblity of doing it at a reasonable cost, I’m looking for some actual facts on what it will take to do this.
Any advice or leads to a more informative sight, person, phone number, whatever would be lovely. Thanks in advance for any help that you can give.

Posted by **KAT**
cadminNope! Nothing. Nada. Just fill with Biodiesel and drive!!

No, you do not need to do anything to a 1997 Jetta to run biodiesel. The 1.9 liter TDI engine loves biodiesel. I have 4 diesels and absolutely no modifications are necessary for biodiesel.

I did modify one car, but that was to heat the fuel to run straight vegetable oil. For biodiesel just fill and go!

On one vehicle, the 190 diesel mercedes, I had to change the fuel filter after about 6,000 miles of biodiesel, because I noticed a slight loss of power when accelerating.

This is because regular petroleum diesel is very dirty! It contains lots of soot. At the pump, they usually give you a glove to use to keep your hand clean. Biodiesel cleans the layers of accumulated soot from your tank and fuel lines over time, and the clumps of sooty particles can clog the fuel filter.

My suggestion is buy a fuel filter at the parts store, but DON’T change it yet! No need to waste a fuel filter it if is unnecessary. Keep it in your trunk, along with the wrench/pliers to change it. If the filter clogs, you can change it at your first available opportunity. You might not need to change it for a year or two.

Keep in mind you will notice when it starts to clog when accelerating up a long hill, you won’t have the power you usually do. Changing the filter is not an emergency. You won’t harm the engine as a diesel is governed by restricting the fuel flow. You can change the day you notice the power loss or wait 5,000 miles and do it then. You will probably just notice it getting a little slower every day.

Because it is a 1997, you already have Viton fuel lines which can handle a certain percentage of alcohol with out degrading. Pre 1994 vehicles require the rubber fuel lines to be changed. You do not.

Just buy it, fill up on BioDiesel and drive happy, knowing you are preventing global warming, and reducing our dependence on foreign oil!

Cowdung, Drying, Biofuel, Hulikatti - Free image - 272827

Companies Quietly Apply Biofuel Tools to Household Products – New York Times

Companies Quietly Apply Biofuel Tools to Household ProductsNew York Times… Systems intended for specific purposes. Synthetic biology, originally aimed at producing biofuels, has been around for about 20 years, but applications have only recently begun to emerge across several industries including cosmetics, flavorings and …and more »

Appleseed Biodiesel Processor

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