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These Spinning Solar Cells Generate 20 Times More Power Than Traditional Panels

These spinning solar cells are unbelievably efficient. WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR:

Solar and Wind Almost Topped Out in Power VIARLOCITY

I finally Got My system done for a while I am self Sustained In wind and solar Power with Kyocera Solar Panels 6 135 watt 12 volt in series to make 24 Volt also 6 . This Is A Video Of My 2 WindMax / HY Energy Producing Power In 10 To 30 Mph Winds [Read More...]

2000 Watt 11 Blade Missouri GeneralTM Freedom II Wind Turbine

This unit comes with: Freedom ll PMG (PERMANENT MAGNET GENERATOR) WITH 28 MAGNET ROTOR Freedom ll PMG has no brushes, very dependable 125,000 hours + of rated bearing life Two heavy duty bridge rectifiers for converting 3 phase to dc output Mounting Bracket and Heavy Duty 2 arms tail assembly Tail fin measures 29″ tall [Read More...]

What Will it Take to Get News Outlets to Cover Climate Change? | Candid Q&A – VIDEO


DIY 5 steps OFF THE GRID wind and Solar – VIDEO


Solar Phone Charger X-DNENG 10000mAh Built with SUNPOWER Solar Panels, 2LED Light Solar Battery Charger, Dual USB Output Solar Power Charger, Shockproof Waterproof – Orange

Please Note 1. Flashlight can be turned on by pushing the power button two seconds. 2. Solar charging is specially designed for emergencies, it’s not a primary source of charging due to the compact solar panel size, which may take a long time. In general usage, we recommend charge the solar charger via an adapter [Read More...]

Climate Change May Be To Blame In Fires On The West Coast – VIDEO

Earth is Shifting-Dire Warning Issued to NASA – VIDEO

600W High speed magnet Wind Turbine Generator

Product Features Airfoil blade design: Higher rotation speed with low wind speed Reach 12V outout with windspeed 3.5M/s Vertial Turbine in Small size: only 70cm in diameter

Solar panel windows: coating of quantum dots on windows harvest energy from the sun – TomoNews – VIDEO

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