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Questions and Answers

What is Wind Energy ?

Posted by Ashish A

Energy generated using the power of the wind. This done using turbines / windmills.


How solar energy tranfered to a device. Does solar generates AC to DC currents ?

Posted by Kamran M

First, most think of solar generation when created from Photo Voltaic Cells. These would generate DC.

Second, any device that is MOVED by solar energy would generate AC. This includes Hydro-electric, Wind Mills, Tidal electric generation

Energy from Solar power can be transferred or stored in a number of ways.

– Convert to hydrogen through electrolysis, using electrical power that was generated. The hydrogen product would then be transported and sold like any other fuel.

– Electric transmission lines. Where ever these solar devices are, the AC electric energy can be DUMPED on the grid. A great deal may be lost in transmission, but this would be a cheap way to deliver the energy.

Solar power is the only energy that we can use that does not cause air pollution or cause global warming. It won't be cheap. But every community should have localized solar energy production so generation is decentralized.

Why dont the govnmnts worldover invest more in wind n solar energy?

Posted by balaji.k

The first and primary reason is cost. The naive believe that solar and wind are free energy, they are not. There is the concept of the time value of money to be considered. As of 2007, the costs for solar photo-voltaic power was 38 cents per kwh while the costs of coal power to the utilities was 0.6 cents per kwh.

Another reason is that there are limits to the amount of solar and wind power you can have on the grid without destabilizing the grid. This is because neither are load following sources. Just because you turned on a light switch doesn't mean the Sun will shine brighter or the wind will blow harder, you get the power when the Sun and wind decides you do, not when you necessarily want the power. Power from solar and wind can only be used for base load power and other mechanisms must exit for when they fail to produce which for wind is 5/6 of the time. Until inexpensive means of storing energy can be found, solar and wind can simply not be greater than a small percentage of the energy we use.

You also have to be careful with how a government subsidizes an industry. The countries in Europe subsidized the consumer with feed in tariffs so the public could sell solar power for more than they buy power at, this created a demand for solar panels. The US offered loans to solar power panel companies like Solyndra. When the economic collapse occurred, the Europeans reduced their feed in tariffs so the demand was reduced and companies like Solyndra found that they had taken on too much risks by borrowing for expansions that were no longer needed. How the assistance is given determines the risks that the company's can take and in business, if you take on too much risk, you risk ruin.

Now the reason why the assistance was in loans which maximizes corporate risk is because of republican pressure. The political right has always demanded that the companies assume risk for any assistance in the view that there would be accountability for the money spent. True Solyndra went bankrupt on Obama's watch but that does not mean the policies were not shaped by the republicans. Remember the 2001 commodities modernization act which was submitted by Republicans, voted in along partisan lines and signed into law by Clinton. Also keep in mind which party was in control before 2008. You can not say that the foolhardy subsidies were a Democrat failure, the manner is which it was given was very Republican and the timing of the failure indicates a failure of policies during republican rule.

Governments don't invest more because it would be naive to do so. The time isn't quite right for solar or wind though the day is coming closer.

Alternative, Blade, Electricity - Free image - 2489

CanWEA calls for closer study of plentiful BC wind energy resource – Canada NewsWire (press release)

Canada NewsWire (press release)CanWEA calls for closer study of plentiful BC wind energy resourceCanada NewsWire (press release)Photo Courtesy of CanWEA, Eye of the Wind, Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, BC.(CNW Group/Canadian Wind Energy Association). Time for BC Government to also look at lower cost, less impactful power supply options to Site C. VANCOUVER, May 9, 2014 /CNW/ – In …and more »

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Semprius Unveils Ground-Breaking Solar Cell That Achieves 43.9% Efficiency

Edition 3 of NREL’s wind plant optimization and systems engineering newsletter

Rapid Solar Growth Offers Hope In Fight Against Climate Change


The news couldn’t have come at a better time. With the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) poised to announce enhanced air quality standards for coal and natural-gas fired power plants next week, new figures released today show solar energy in America continues its remarkable growth.  Driven by strong year-over-year growth in the utility and resi

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Bill Nye v.Climate Change Deniers


Beam Solar Power Smart Head


Alternative Fuels for Cars


Questions and Answers

Will there be alternative fuels in the future as well as electric cars?

The reason I ask is because I live in a rural area and a fuel source such as biofuel, hydrogen, etc. Would do me better than an electric car.

Posted by

There are many options for alternative fuels outside of urban areas, but all fuels must come from an energy source and ultimately that is the sun except for some volcanic based geothermal, tidal and nuclear energy all of which may be more difficult to use in a rural environment.

Hydro, Wind, Solar PV, bio-feedstocks and some geothermal are all derived from the sun. The most direct sources of power from the sun tend to be the most efficient. The most efficient transfer of energy tends to be electricity. But you could also use Wind to compress air. You could use the electricity from solar panels or a parabolic concentrating solar generator to produce hydrogen. You could use that sunlight to grow crops and then produce methane from a bio-digester. You also might grow crops and make either ethanol or bio-diesel.

But any vehicle that stores energy on the vehicle will have a limited range. So perhaps more important than producing your own energy is what will be generally available at some distance so that you could increase your travel range.

Hydrogen is highly polluting in its production from fossil fuels and 96% of hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels because this is the cheapest and most efficient method. But there is a huge push by petrochemical interests for this fuel. It is likely we will be forced into this decision.

Bio fuels are presently popular but anyplace we could make biofuels could be used for food production. This tends to limit this as a future choice. The US military seems to favor biofuels however because they are a true alternative to petrochemicals and therefore potentially a more secure option. This may push some availability.

Like electricity, compressed air is possible but would require far more infrastructure and this tends to degrade this as an option. There are also sever efficiency issues if heat is not re used.

Like it or not Electricity is a strong option. There are approximately 160,000 plug in vehicles in the US. Http:// No other alternative comes even close. There is some existing infrastructure which is rapidly being built out. It will build from high density areas into more rural areas and eventually you can expect a complete network.

What would it take to convert a car to alternative fuels.?

I need to know the steps we need to take to convert the car to alternative
Just a common car, not any of the newer ones. A disel or gas car is what i'm mean. I need help finding the problems it would take to the do this. And ways to improve a car to be enviromently friendly.

Posted by supersqueakmb

That depends on the alternative fuel you plan on using. These are rough thumbnails of what needs to be done for various fuels;

diesel to biodiesel

not much needs doing here actually, except to upgrade the fuel lines of earlier diesels.

Diesel to straight vegetable oil

you need a heated tank to hold the veggie oil, and a switch to change from diesel to veggie oil and back. You need the switch because you have to start and shut down on diesel to avoid the veggie oil clogging the fuel lines. As i stated the tank needs to be heated to get the veggie oil temperature up to about 175 degrees, especially in winter, so the oil lights off properly in the cylinders. There are several companies that make conversion kits, including some that have an automatic switch over to and from veggie oil.

Gasoline to straight ethanol or E85

you need to upgrade the fuel lines and other parts of the fuel system to alcohol proof parts, otherwise the alcohol will eat up those parts and cause no end of problems. If you have electronic fuel injection, you can change the computer and add a flex fuel sensor that tells the computer how much alcohol is in the fuel at any given moment. If you have a carburetted engine, you need an alcohol carburettor. With a carburetted engine you cannot switch back to E10 or straight gasoline, it is one or the other. With EFI you can do both.

Gasoline to methane, propane, compressed natural gas

i lumped these together because they all use similar systems with minor changes. You need a tank that can handle gas under high pressure, about 3500psi. You need a propane carburettor, or a separate EFI system to handle the gaseous fuel, if you want a dual fuel system. If you want to use the alternative fuel only(you fool) then you replace the entire fuel system with the components to handle the fuel of your choice.

The changes are not many, but you need to do the right ones.

How does one use alternative fuel?

As in what kind of vehicle do you have to have, where do you get the fuel (ethanol, etc)?

Posted by mkt

There are many alternative fuels. Ethanol, natural gas, propane, biodiesel and even electric (not really a fuel though).
There are plenty of flex cars that can use gasoline or ethanol. Many well known cars (Ford, GM, and so on) that are offered with a flex fuel option, usually for little or no extra cost. Ethanol is hard to find though.
Any diesel car can use biodiesel. But again, it can be hard to find a biodiesel filling station.
There are natural gas versions of some well known cars (Ford F150 pickup is now available in a natural gas version). They cost a lot more. But you can get a home compressor and fuel it up from your gas pipe at home.
I am not aware of any factory made propane cars, but there are places that convert regular cars to use propane. You can buy propane at many places, because it is used a lot for camping, home heating, and barbecues.
Of course electric cars are in the news a lot lately. You can plug them in at home to fuel them.

How To Find The Best Deal On A Green Car – AOL Autos

How To Find The Best Deal On A Green CarAOL AutosFor fuel costs, the handy Vehicle Cost Calculator from the Alternative Fuels Data Center at the Department of Energy helps compare cars with different powertrains, such as an electric car to a gasoline car. Don't assume you qualify for the lease deal …

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Climate Change Stop the Pseudo Science


Energy Department Bombshell: LNG Has No Climate Benefit For Decades, IF EVER*


An explosive new report from the U.S. Department of Energy makes clear that Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is likely a climate-destroying misallocation of resources.

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Nature Power Solar Powered LED Stainless Steel


21070 Features: -Pathway light.-Material: Stainless steel.-Runs up to 8 hours on a single days solar charge.-Amorphous solar panel.-Weather resistant.-Internal sensor ensures the light turn on at night.-Integrated solar cell.-No electrical wiring needed.-Durable and more efficient.-4.5″ H x 4.5″ W x 1″ D, 0.5 lbs. Warranty: -Manufacturer provides 1 year warranty. Great for illuminating pathways, walkways,
docks, and decks (view larger).

Solar Pathway Lights from Nature Power Products are powered by the sun and are perfect for illuminating pathways, walkways, docks, and decks. an integrated solar cell located on the top of each light recharges the included battery during the day. an internal photo-sensor ensures the light turn on at night and off during the day. The light can shine up to 8 hours at night.

Solar power and LED lights make this floodlight a great choice for accenting your yard. LEDs are more durable than conventional glass light bulbs and are more efficient. They use much less energy and will last a lot longer than a conventional light bulb — up to 10 000 hours. They are even more efficient than compact fluorescents.

The stainless-steel construction is resistant to wear and corrosion (bracket and screws included). These lights are great for safety lights on staircases or mounted along the edges of deck or docks or by creating a perimeter line along driveways. This item is covered by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

What’s in the Box

About Nature Power Products

Nature Power Products is a line of consumer-based renewable energy products that are manufactured by RDK Products. Our goal is to provide high quality and reliable power alternatives to the market at competitive prices. Products include solar battery chargers, solar and wind charge controllers, lithium chargers, and power inverters, and we also offer a number of specialized back-up power solutions including our innovation award winning Solar Home and RV Kit.


21070 Solar Pathway Lights, 2 Pack

At a Glance Solar photocell sensor automatically turns light on at dusk and off at dawn Requires no electrical wiring Runs up to 8 hours on a full charge Powered by amorphous solar panel and 1 AA battery Easily installs in minutes with two screws Package of two

Product Features

  • Pack of two
  • Stainless steel construction for long lasting rust free lights
  • Fast and easy installation, mounting hardware included
  • Lights will run up to 8 hours on a full charge, batteries included
  • Lights measure 4.5 by 4.5 inches square and 0.75 inch high

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