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How to Solar Power Your Home


Installing Photovoltaic Solar Power at Home


This vid shows the various steps in planning and having a company install photovoltaic solar electric power in my rear yard in San Diego; definitely more cha…

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Solar Powered LED String Light, Ambiance Lighting



* Environment-friendly products, high energy conversion rate.

* Put under sunshine during the day, and it begins to light up at night.

*It varies with the intensity of sunlight, user’s geography locations, weather
conditions and shift of seasons.

* Put on wall, window, door, floor, ceiling, grass, Christmas tree, post or
building,adds perfect atmosphere to your place.

* A perfect decoration for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Party, Wedding, etc.

* Solar powered panel is stood by a 20cm garden spike.

* With ON/OFF,MODE switch.


Light color: blue

Power: Solar Power 0.2W~0.5W peak

Ni-Mh batteries: AA size, 1200mAH,1pcs

Light source: Super Bright 100 LED

Switch : ON/OFF/MODE

Working mode: FLASH /STEADY on.

Working time: Steady on mode 10~20h; Flash mode 16~30h

Working temperature: -20℃ ~+60℃

Charging time: 4~8h


1.If the ground is too hard, do not twist or hammer it with force. Try to soften
the ground with water and then insert into the ground. Failure to follow this
may result in product damage.

2.It is suggested the solar panel to be fully charged for 6h at the first use.

3.The light will light up automatically at dusk and may turn off automatically
when ambient light is too strong(above 15lux).

4.Turn the light on and set light mode before charging the solar power, so it
will light up at dusk.

Package Includes:

1 x Solar Panel

1 x 20 cm Spike

1 x 100 LED Solar String Fairy warm white Lights

Product Features

  • This solar LED works by converting solar energy into electricity during the day, and it lights up automatically at dark.
  • The volume of solar energy converted and stored everyday ,great and long lighting performance.
  • Sealed process, with good waterproof performance.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration with trees, wreaths, etc.
  • 100 LED lights STEADY and FLASH in a string, form a beautiful and fairy world.

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Photovoltaic Design and Installation For Dummies


The fun and easy way to get a grip on photovoltaic design and installation

Designing and installing solar panel systems is a trend that continues to grow. With ‘green collar’ jobs on the rise and homeowners looking for earth-friendly ways to stretch their dollars and lesson their carbon imprint, understanding photovoltaic design and installation is on the rise.

Photovoltaic Design & Installation For Dummies gives you a comprehensive overview of the history, physics, design, installation, and operation of home-scale solar-panel systems. You’ll also get an introduction to the foundational mathematic and electrical concepts you need to understand and work with photovoltaic systems.Covers all aspects of home-scale solar-power systemsViable resource for professionals, students, and technical laymenCan be used to study for the NABCEP exam

Whether you’re a building professional looking to expand your business and skills to meet the growing demand for solar power installation or are seeking a career in this rapidly expanding field, Photovoltaic Design & Installation For Dummies has you covered!

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