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Accmor Solar Charge and Waterproof Hand Crank LED Flashlight for Hiking Camping Map Reading (2 Pack)(Green)

Accmor Upgraded Digital Display Alarm Clock for kids

Digital LED Display Clock is Cheap and Works great-It can be as a favorite gift for anyone you care as well as for your trip.

led digital alarm clock Matching LCD backlight with colored cube-Very clear to read the time;

Soft Silicone Rubber Casing- led clocks offers time of day, alarm-set time, date, and AM/PM, alarm-on, and snooze-on indicators

It is a great sized led clock, very portable and easy to use. the alarm is all right, the increment is nice as it gets louder and beeps faster.


Weight: 126g
Size: 9x9x9cm
Input: 4xAAA batteries (not included)


1xAccmor Alarm Clock
1xUser Manuel

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