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Cost Effective Renewable Energy for the home, Coffee and Solar Power

Innovative ideas, old industry mainstays and ancient wisdom come together in this book, riddled with tips and tricks, from choosing the right product to leveraging practical advantage. Join Zax and his hilarious coffee habit as he unravels the mysteries of achieving the nirvana of off-grid living without spending a fortune.

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  1. Anna Salamatin says:

    Interesting and enlightening.

  2. Lawrence says:

    A lot of great ideas that are in this book and some of …

  3. Avid reader says:

    Save energy, Save earth Cost-effective renewable energy – for the home, coffee and solar power by Zax Vagen, is a book which is a very good read and the guidelines given to be followed in every home.As the author mentions, in the book that, if we don’t use our energy responsibly, then we as global citizens are at loss. The authors informs us that he is running a renewable energy business for over ten years, his tips on saving energy is practical and now, I realize how much energy, we have wasted…