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Wind power Wind Driven DC Generator Dynamo Hydraulic Test 6V 12V 24V Motor

Wind power Wind Driven DC Generator Dynamo Hydraulic Test 6V 12V 24V Motor This machine can be used as standby lighting power supply charging experiment teaching hydroelectric generator…You have a lot of methods to the application.Make small experiment for small capacity battery and so on. Specification : Motor Output voltage : 5V-24V Turn faster the [Read More...]

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Tesla quietly unveils new solar panels with sleek, low-profile design – VIDEO

24V Submersible Deep DC Solar Well Water Pump, Solar, battery, alternate energy

Product Information: Offers a solution to your remote water needs. Designed to be used with solar panels and 24v battery systems This means Easy Hookup to most any existing solar panels or wind generator systems. Can be used with or without components such as voltage controllers. Can be used for livestock watering, irrigation, ponds, remote [Read More...]

Hydrogen fuel cell powered multi rotor drone for solar panel – VIDEO

If Green Energy Is So Great, Why Aren’t We Using It? – VIDEO

Titita Solar Charger, 10000mAh Quick Charge 3.0 Solar Power Bank with 2 USB Port and 1 LED Light, Solar Panel Portable Charger with Carabiner and Waterproof Function for IOS/Android Cellphones

Product description: Fast Charging Technology with 5V/3A USB output ports saves more time to charge your phone. Two USB Output Ports can charge two devices at the same time. Portable-Design with free carabiner which you may just hang it on your backpack when outdoors. Four LED Indicators: (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) to remind you where [Read More...]

Burning Charcoal in the VitalGrill Sutvival Stove – VIDEO

Nuclear Energy is Clean Energy – VIDEO

Docooler 30A 12/24V Solar Panel Battery Charge Controller Regulator Light&Timer Control Temperature Compensation PWM Type of Charging (Automatic Lighting Control + Time Functions)

Features: Direct charge and floating charge both available. DC discharge and time delay control, especially suitable for street light control etc. Parameter saving function, parameter and data are stored inside the chip against power-off. One-button operation for all settings. LEDs indicate the working state of solar battery, storage battery and load. Double LED digital display [Read More...]