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Aleko R4 Roof Pole for Wind Generator Top-Roof Mount Tower for Wind Turbine 4 Feet

The Aleko R4 Wind Generator Tower Kit supports wind generators, such as Aleko WG100, WG200, WG300, WG400, WG450, WG500, WG700, WG800, WG900 Wind Generator. Pole diameter: 2 inches (49mm). This all-weather tower kit is easy to assemble, and an excellent choice for almost any portable wind generator. Product Features Tower kit supports wind generators right [Read More...]

ENERCON E126 – The World’s Largest Wind Turbine

This is the Enercon E-126, the first wind turbine with 6 MW rated power, rotor diameter: 126m (413ft), hub height: 135m(450ft).

Wind Turbine Generating Electricity on Blue Sky

tigger11th posted a photo: Wind turbine generating electricity on blue sky.

Sunforce 7 Amp Charge Controller

The Sunforce 60012 7 Amp Charge Controller prevents overcharging and discharging of 12 Volt batteries. It is intended for use with 12 Volt solar panels and maintains 12 Volt batteries in a fully charged state. It can handle up to 7 amps of array current and up to 105 watts of solar power. The controller [Read More...]

Pacific Biodiesel Part 1

Co-founder and VP, Kelly King, tells how a recycling project on Maui developed into a multi-million dollar business.

Forget Energy Star and LEED

landscapelifescape: Forget Energy Star and LEED, Green Building is Passivhaus “It is hard to believe, but this “mountain hut” in Austria needs next to no heating; it is all done with body heat, cooking heat and passive solar heat. it is an example of a Passivhaus design, built to a standard developed by the Passivhaus [Read More...]

FatCat White Solar Rechargeable Desktop Wind Turbine

Mango FCP1052 FatCat White Plastic Solar Rechargeable Model Wind Turbine – This beautiful miniature wind turbine makes a great gift for anyone committed to sustainable energy. Realistic white plastic wind turbine for your desk or table. Stores solar power, spins under battery power when switched on. Free spinning clip-on blades. Easy to assemble, no tools. [Read More...]

Climate Change – The Story No One is Covering

Power of Solar Energy

mestes76 posted a photo:

Thames & Kosmos Alternative Energy and Environmental Science Wind Power

Renewable Energy Science Kit. Build a working wind turbine. Harness mechanical energy to lift weights. Product Features Build a working wind turbine Harness mechanical energy from wind to lift weights Generate electricity to light and LED and charge a battery Learn the physics of wind turbines Discover how wind occurs and why it is such [Read More...]