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Production and Use of Biodiesel

Wind Turbines on the Ocean

Office of Public Affairs posted a photo: 3d rendering of wind turbines on the ocean

Small Wind Turbine Rubber Stamp, Windmill, Wind Power, Wind farm

This is a deeply etched, finely detailed rubber stamp mounted on high quality white maple wood block with hourglass sides. All of our stamps are new stamps and ship directly from our workshop in Ohio. ruler may be shown to indicate the relative size of this/these stamp(s) and is not included. Product Features Approximate Image [Read More...]

What is Jatropha, Oil Seed for Production of Biodiesel

GFE Global CEO Trever Neves explains the history and uses of the Jatropha. This informative video explanation where Jatropha started and how it spread from i…

Nikolayevka Solar Plant at Work

Activ Solar posted a photo: Nikolayevka Solar plant at work

GudCraft WM450 450W 450 Watt 24 Volt Wind Turbine Residential Wind Generator with Free Charge Controller CD5.0

GudCraft 450W Wind Generator is 450W 24 volt model with 3 blades. Fresh 2012 version just shipped from the factory. This is the latest design model. This item is new in the factory unopened box. Comes with Free Charge Controller CD5.0, instruction manual and 1-year warranty from purchase date. Product Features 450 Watt 24 Volt [Read More...]

Biodiesel – Water Wash Then Drying

Draining off the glycerol layer. Water washing. Air stone/heater drying.

Solar Field

Laughing at the Sky posted a photo: Solar panels in a field near the village of Cromhall, South Gloucestershire, England.

American Educational Wind Turbine

Wind turbine. This exciting kit allows students to build and test a fully-functional wind turbine. The 10 page comprehensive guide was developed by the Kidwind Project and contains in depth information about history, turbine design, and wind energy. Students use a multimeter (included) to monitor how much power their wind turbine produces. For grades 6 [Read More...]

Biodiesel Casero – Homemade 100%