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Wind Turbine Built From Scrap Free Energy

Woman in "Sun" Costume posted a photo: Woman in “sun” costume holds box of petitions supporting rooftop solar energy, to be delivered to the offices of utility corporation Xcel Energy in Denver.

Basic Solar Component Guide

If you want to learn about the basics of solar panels and the components that work with them, then this guide is for you. The information contained in this guide is from my own experience with setting up a basic solar system. It covers the basics of the solar panels, batteries, inverters, charge controllers, wire [Read More...]

Wind Turbine Vertical Axis Rotor

Wind turbine vertical axis rotor assembly, made out of plywood and sheet metal with inexpensive hardware purchased from hardware stores.

Electromobiliada 2013 at Nikolayevka Solar Park

Activ Solar posted a photo:

Off The Grid: Modern Homes & Alternative Energy

Off the Grid confronts the ecological and cultural problems associated with the way we get and use energy, and explains how it is possible to live in a beautifully designed home using much less–no matter where your home is located. Our homes are connected by a nearly invisible grid of infrastructure that binds us together. [Read More...]

New Wind Power – The Wind Belt Invention

Shawn Frayne invented an inexpensive non turbine wind generator called the wind belt. I have no specs other than what you see on the video.

Voznesensk Solar Park

Activ Solar posted a photo: The 29.3 MW Voznesensk Solar Station. Voznesensk Solar Power Station consists of 121,176 multicrystalline solar modules and 27 inverter stations installed on a four-row mounting system. The power station’s electricity production capacity totals 35,000 megawatt hours per annum and will save over 28,000 tons of CO2 per annum. Developer: Activ [Read More...]

Alternative Energy Resources : The Quest for Sustainable Energy

A balanced introduction to tomorrow’s energy sources Over the course of the next fifty years, there will be a shift in the quest for sustainble energy, including a major change in transportation from internal combustion engines burning petroleum-derived fuels to newer technology engines using new transportation fuels. Alternative Energy Reources examines our options for energy [Read More...]

Wind of Change – Fintry Community Renewable Energy Film

Community energy has become an important component in the renewable energy revolution.