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David Roberts on Climate Change – “It’s getting hot in here…”


A solar-powered water purifier that makes clean water anywhere

  A solar-powered water purifier that makes clean water available to even the most remote populations.

Sun at work, Berlin…

  Karl Ziegler Strasse, Adlershof, Berlin

How the Dutch make their intersections “bike-friendly”…

Want to know how the Dutch design their intersections so that they’re friendly for cyclists? Then check out this video. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you actually care about something and you put thought and intent into it.

Silicon solar photovoltaics and silver…

The majority of silicon solar photovoltaics use silver to conduct electricity but thanks in part to help from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, TetraSun is using copper as a conductor instead of silver. The approach, along with the results and the cost-savings have helped TetraSun and NREL win a 2013 R&D top 100 award from [Read More...]

Luang Prabang: Off the Grid

  The village wasn’t on the grid, but some families had solar panels to power a few bare light bulbs, and top two richest families had satellite dishes for TV.

Climate Change – We Now Know The Point of No Return

Scientists have now found a way to predict when we’ve reached the global warming point-of-no-return.

Nikolaevka Solar Park

The 69,7 MW Nikolaevka Solar Park has more than 290,048 crystalline solar PV modules that can produce as much as 90 GWh of electricity per year. More than 72,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions are avoided annually. Developer: Activ Solar.

The Jess Jackson Sustainable Winery, 100% Green

The Jess Jackson Sustainable Winery is a 8,500 square foot building at the University of California Davis Winery. The building is a support facility that houses beer- and wine-making equipment and acts as a “solar powerhouse” for the rest of the UC Davis campus. The Jess Jackson building currently features a 5 kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) [Read More...]

Como hacer Biodiesel a 0,20 euros el litro. Making excellent and cheap biodiesel at home.

Vídeo completo de una sola parte describiendo el proceso de elaboración de biodiesel, incluyendo todas las etapas: Pretratamiento, preparación metóxido, tran…