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SolarEpic Tracer 2215BN MPPT 20A Solar Charge Controller 150V Solar Panel PV input

If you need to monitoring the solar system or setting the controller, you may have to buy a MT-50 remote meter separately.

The Tracer-BN series controller is for off-grid solar system and control the charging and discharging of the battery.
The controller features a smart tracking algorithm that maximizes the energy from the solar PV module(s) and charge the battery.
At the same time, the low voltage disconnect function (LVD) will prevent the battery from over discharging.
The battery charging process has been optimized for long battery life and improved system performance.
The comprehensive self-diagnostics and electronic protection functions can prevent damage from installation mistakes or system faults. In addition, the Tracer-BN series controller has a RJ45 interface to allow communication with other accessory.

Technical Data
Nominal system voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC Auto work
Rated charge current:20A
Rated discharge current: 20A
Max. solar input voltage:150VDC
Max. PV input power:260W(12V battery) 520W(24V battery)
Self-consumption*:≤50mA(12V) ≤27mA(24V)
Dimension:216.6mm x 142.6mm x 56mm
Mounting hole size:Φ4.7
Power cable:10mm2
Weight: 1.5kg

Product Features

  • 12V/24V automatic identify or user-defined working voltage.
  • Lock the MP point fast and the controller provides the industry’s highest tracking efficiency of 99%
  • Four battery type options:Sealed, Gel,Flooded,and USER
  • Intelligent lighting and timer control for solar lighting system
  • Die-cast aluminum design and nature cooling

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  1. Crowz says:

    Great unit and handles the hot Alabama days with no … I’m using these to run my home on solar and its worked flawless. Be sure to get the remote display so you can control it and see what is going on.I upgraded from a pwm controller to this and I am seeing a huge difference in the kwh’s each day now. Combined with the aims 2000 watt pure sine inverter I am now running 60% of my home on solar only. I will be adding 2 more of these controllers this spring and an aims 6000watt 220v inverter to handle my air conditioning and dryer. At that point…

  2. Furfoot says:

    Works great! Huge aluminium heatsink! Easy to read display.