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Suaoki Collapsible Clover Style USB Charging and Solar Panel 18 LED Tent Lantern Lights – Orange

Go Greener
Going camping yet concerning batteries for your tent lantern? No need to worry with our new solar lantern featuring both solar and micro USB charging. Bring it with you when traveling, when in emergency, you won?’t be stranded with no lights at night with emergency solar charging.

Adjust It to Your Needs
Clover-shaped design offers versatile stance so that you lantern can be hung or set to stand on its base. Three lampshades can be adjusted independently to set perfect lightning for each particular condition.

Charge Quick Charge Save
The micro USB port allows swift charge in only 3.5 hours to give your lantern all the power it needs. In case of outdoor emergency, three individual solar panels also delivers smooth charging. Smart protection chip ensures safety by preventing it from overcharging, over-discharging or over-circuit.

Product Details:
Built-in battery: 680mAh/3.7V Lithium battery
LED specification: 18Leds 3528 white light 6000-6500K
Solar charge input voltage (750W/?O): 5.5V
High level lighting time after fully charged: 2 hours
Low level lighting time after fully charged: hours
Flash level lighting time after fully charged: 4 hours
High-brightness lighting time after 1 hour charging under sunlight (500W/ M2): 15 minutes
Low-brightness lighting time after 1 hour charging under sunlight (500W/ M2): 30 minutes
External diameter (Close): 62.7*149.8 mm (2.47*5.9inches)
External diameter (Open): 291*27.1mm (11.47*1.067inches)
Weight: 168g (0.37pounds)

Package Contents:
– 1 x Suaoki Solar Lantern
– 1 x Micro USB Cable
– 1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • Solar Charging: turbo charge via the micro USB port in 3.5 hours with full battery. Three individual solar panels support charging when in emergency outdoor conditions with no outlets or power source.
  • Versatile Lighting Source: you can choose one of three lighting modes: high, low or SOS blinking, perfect for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, or a light source for late-at-night porch readings.
  • Convenient to Carry: portable, foldable and durable, this lantern can be adjusted to any particular space to fit your current needs. Shorter than iPhone 6 plus, it can be folded down completely to take the least space in your backpack.
  • Thoughtful Details: Hidden hanging hook design allows you to place the light on outdoor occasions such as camping light for your tent.
  • Smart Protection Chip: protects your lantern from overcharging, over-discharging and over-circuit, guarantees safety in utilization

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  1. Renea says:

    Very Nearly Perfect and Totally AWESOME Update: We’ve been using our clover light for about 3 months now. We still LOVE it, but here is the news: one of the pedals has developed a looseness about it. The kids love this product and tend to fight over it, play with it, man handle it… looseness and even broken is really just bound to happen- but I am reporting my experiences to you anyway.It was left on one evening while we were out hiking- we left it on purposely so we could find our tent in the dark. Alas, it had died at some…

  2. tastybeets says:

    Durable, Bright, and Lightweight Purchased this for use during tent camping. This functions as the only overhead tent light in an REI Kingdom 8 tent. I’ve been using this 2 days at a time once a month for camping trips over the last 6 months.The Breakdown:- Seems to be pretty durable. It gets knocked around like crazy in my pack, and I’ve yet to cause any damage. Though I’m a bit pedantic about care of my gear, so it’s not like I’m accidentally sitting or stepping on it.- Light works while…