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Substitute Energy Sources: Learn How to Use Alternative Energy Sources to Get Energy Independence: Energy Efficient Homes – Get More Energy, Geothermal Heat Pump

Substitute Energy Sources:

Learn How to Use Alternative Energy Sources to Get Energy Independence

Energy is required to run every aspect of day today life. It is foolish to assume that in the fast pace technology oriented world of today, we can last as little as even a day without the consumption of energy to drive our lives. Whether it is home or business, energy is the primary source that drives all this.
However, with the ever depleting sources of energy and the increasing demand for it means that humanity needs to look for another solution. The answer to this problem is Alternate Energy. Not only are these renewable sources of energy available in vast amounts but are also extremely environment and eco-friendly. Using them means that you benefit yourself as well as benefit the earth by not contributing to global warming which would not be the case if you were using fuel based energy. If you are one of those people who is looking to make the transition this book is for you. We have designed this book in order to help the common man understand the basics as well as complexities of solar and the geothermal powers.
We have also explained about how to combine the two to get the maximum efficiency and hence return on your investment. You will be able to lean what to do and what not to do when it comes to solar power. We have included costs and comparisons in order to help our reader better comprehend as well as prepare for the solar power. With the easy to understand instructions, guidelines in this book you will be clearly able to weigh your options in terms of power, cost and recoupment.
We have divided all the information into 5 concise chapter.

Chapter 01: Alternative Energy Sources to Get Energy Independence
Chapter 02: Combine Solar Panel Heating and Heat Pumps
Chapter 03: Solar Set up to Produce Energy
Chapter 04: Solar Thermal Panel for Cooling and Heating
Chapter 05: Calculation of Power, Recoupment and Cost of Each Energy Source

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